Prayer of thanksgiving from the Lord and request to help those who go without

by Chloe ()

Dear Father i wanted to thank you for today for the blessings of having another day yet awake and alive by your grace and my parents alive by your grace thank you and for the food and drink we ate today thank you for blessing us with food and drink so we can eat and drink without going hungry and thirsty please if it is in your will bless those who go without food and drink and deliver them from their starvation and thirst i thank and praise you for this site for a roof over our heads and warmth also acess to hygiene and other comforts you bless us with and may we always remember how lucky we are for these and for you Lord that it never gets lost on us all you do and bless us with because of all the comforts we have not many in the world have please bless those who go without acess to hygiene and a roof over the head warmth and many other comforts and deliver them from their suffering into a better life guided by you Lord on the right paths and protect them bless and keep them Lord for the rest of their lives may they know you and be anointed with your spirit and recieve from you the hedge of protection from sicknesses all harm all evil all injuries all calamaties and all adversities satans lies satans attacks and his evil schemes may they have access to medicine and other things they lack and need by your blessings may they be saved and delivered into a happy abundant life with knowing you following your ways and staying in faith and hope to come to you and stay in your care forevermore please help them and show them mercy compassion lovingkindness love and comfort in their difficult times please heal them in mind body spirit and soul so they can be whole again and may they know the peace that passes all understanding fruits of your spirit and perfect love thank you for hearing this prayer for all you do and bless upon us my family i my friends their families and friends and the world and all you have created that we get to witness and enjoy in if these are in your will Lord let your will be done in Jesus name we pray Amen

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