Prayer of thanksgiving for today all things and forgiveness of sins of yesterday today and tomorrow to the Lord in jesus name

by Chloe ()

Dear Father i come here in prayer to give thanks giving for all you have done for me today seen and unseen for you protection for you grace and mercy for you waking me my family and the pets of the house again another day by you grace we are blessed with another day alive and well i want to thank you as you have continued to hear my prayers and heal my father who as you know has covid pneumonia by your grace you brought him with healing out of the hospital safely home to us and at first he was still on oxygen but healing aswell now he doesn’t nees the oxygen as much and again i do not doubt if it is in your will that you will let your will be done and heal him to a full recovery as no task is to great for you and nothing by you Lord is impossible thank you lord that you hear all my prayer and that you answer my prayers as i am so very grateful and thankful as is my family and friends thank you for all you do for us and the world as it is true all you do is good right and just as you are a good right and just judge and God who is worthy of all our praises thank you for the food we have to eat and drink we have to drink so we don’t go hungry or thirsty and i thank you for the safety of a roof over our heads and the warmth we have in our place of shelter and a safe place to sleep also the money you give us to sustain us to be able to buy groceries and food and things we need i also thank you for all we have that you have blessed us with our families our friends and people we have yet to meet for the bible and your word which is truth all the goodness of the day and the night in which you have blessed upon us when you created it also everything i am growing in emotionally wich is also blessd by you to me through prayer of me asking of you to please grow my faith patience my empathy my love and care also strength to walk in your ways and stay in them and not be shaken also to protect me and you do all these things and more as you love us as your children also l want to thank you for rest in which i will be taking shortly and ask you humbly if it is in your will to do these things then let your will be done in my life and continue to protect watch over us and bless us to wake us up again tomorrow and everyday until our time comes please let no harm calamitiy or ill will befall us or evil please guard and guide us on the right path and bless us with self control and keep us from sinning and repeating the same sins and please i humbly ask you to forgive our sins of yesterday today and tomorrow to remove them from your memory forever wipe it clean and remove the memory from our memories the hurtful bitter sinful memories forever wipe it clean in Jesus’ name we pray Amen

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