Prayer of Thanksgiving for Guidance

by Kim (Durban , Kwa Zulu Natal , South Africa)

Dear God ,

I come to you this afternoon through the precious name of our Lord Jesus.
I want to give you all the praise , glory and honour. Thank you Father for blessing me more than i deserve. I am forever grateful. I am at a tender age of 19 and surrounded by unbeleivers.

Thank you for always guiding me in whatever i do even though my FAther isnt here and my Mother doesnt live with me. i want to bring my work situation to you. My Boss is convincing me to stay away from my best friend who also works with me. My work place is filled woth negativety and i hate workin here. I know you have plans to prosper me and not to harm me. i have left today with no back up job to fall back on. but i know you will bless with one by faith.

i want to possess qualities that are like youLord by forgiving the people that hurt me. i do not want to engage in gossiping with my boss or co workers. Please take control of my life and my carreer lead me in the path that you have planned for my life. Please forgive me for all of my sins and cleanse me of anything that breaks your heart.

by faith i beleive that i will get a better job so i can study for my bcom next year. i will always praise you through my struggles and continue to seek you through my success. i humbly ask this in your never failing name God , Amen

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