Prayer of Thanksgiving for God’s Guidance and Provision

Dear Lord,

Thank you for placing your hand upon me in my hour of need, reminding me that you are always with me.

Although I find myself in a place of uncertainty, despair and desperation, I am grateful for the blessings you have bestowed upon me that I always took for granted.

Though it may appear that you have foresaken me, only now may I see so clearly that you are with me now more than ever. You have lead me to a place where my eyes have opened and I now see the vast differences between my wants and my needs, and trust that you will provide the most important things necessary for my life.

Please continue to bless me with your strength, your patience, your grace and humility as I now turn my eyes to the path you wish me to take. May you provide me with the opportunity to use the talents you have given to me to do your works, and to not only provide for myself – but give me the means to provide for others, in your name.

I thank you for all you have given me, and will continue to give to me.

In Jesus name,


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