Prayer of Thanksgiving for Financial Blessings and Employment

Thank you Lord for touching my life as only You can. Thank you to those who pray for me and my family. I am in need of strength, peace and financial blessings. I have been out of work for almost 10 months and my home is in foreclosure.

I left my home two months ago with my young son, gave away most of my belongings and moved across the country to move in with my best friend to start a new life. Unfortunately, I found out that my friend drinks heavily, mixes prescription drugs with alcohol. She is verbally abusive to her children, her moods are sporadic and I suspect she may be bipolar.
The house is also roach infested.

This is a terrible environment for my son but I am not able to leave until I secure a good job. I am looking every day, have had a few interviews but haven’t yet been blessed with employment.

Anyone reading this, I ask that you please pray for this household. I ask God to remove the roaches from this home. God bless my dear friend with the help that she needs and that He stay close to her, our children and me, reminding us that He is God. Please pray that God bless the children in this home with a peace and strength that supercedes their present circumstances. Please pray that God guide and strengthen me to be a blessing and help to my friend and her children while I am here. Please pray that God bless me with lucrative employment so that I can actively contribute to this household until I am able to move into my own home. I ask for God to guide to a new church home and ask for angels and helpers to manifest themselves as I transition to my new state..

God bless anyone who reads my request. Thank you.

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