Prayer of Thanksgiving for a Beautiful Day

by J (Canada)

dear Lord Jesus I thank you for this beautiful day! I thank you for gaining me the strength to drive and have independence. I thank you for sharing my sunshine with others I met and talked with.

Thank you for the weather as this had given a boost in growth your seeds are miracles! Please bless our family with healthy minds, bodies and spirits. Grant us peaceful interactions and values that compliment the teachings and love of Jesus and god the Father.

May love keep us bonded. Take the reins and show Bryce the way the truth and light. Let him know we love him and want to see drastic changes that support his ultimate well being. Please deliver us from evil and give us your pure ness. Bless infants that have arrived lately and all the babies in the world.

That are miracles and gifts. Thank you for our JJ. Please help our leaders show your way and encourage the countries to seek peace.

Bless the people who have forwarded their prayers they are courageous, in needs and know you are the way the truth and the light. Thankyou Love j

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