Prayer of Thanksgiving and Praise

by Mark (Amelia Island,Fl,U.S.A.)

I try to pray all the time and keep an open line to to Our Lord. I pray for people I love,people I see,pray for enlightenment,pray for Christ’s will to work in my life as He wants it to go. I pray not to be lazy,or self seeking. I pray for peace,for people to come to Christ,pray to be forgiven for past transgressions.

I like to pray the Rosary,especially when I am anxious or troubled. I wish to always be in a state of Grace,It’s not easy to be in a state of Grace. I have to keep climbing back on the beam.I pray to just be a better person. I pray that if it’s the last day and Christ comes back that I am gonna make the cut…you know?I just wanna keep my side of the street in order,be humble,seek wisdom.

All the good things they talk about in the Bible. I get on my knees for real and where nobody sees me,not like a showboat or hypocrite.Idon’t want to be full of…you know what. Prayer is real,it works,I believe for real. I’ve been through many bad things but have repented and made amends where possible.

God has blessed me with more than I deserve. I just retired and pray now to be of service to others somehow,not just live for my own convenience and comfort,but to get into action for real.I have everything,loving wife,home,health. I have a beautiful nineteen year old daughter who is really smart and trying to make it on her own. We are about 600 miles away from her and as a dad it’s hard to let go,but ya gotta let em try.

Kid has a trade already and is earning money and paying her way. As a dad I wanna jump in and provide and protect so I pray to God each day for his protection,care and Grace. This is where the rubber meets the road and ya gotta put it in God’s hands and live in faith. Yours in Christ, Pops…

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