Prayer of thanks and continued job success

by Adelle (Mozambique)

Dear Lord,

I humbly bow before you and give thanks to our living God for giving my husband a second chance. He had many good jobs in the past and therefore sunk into depression when he thought his luck had run out. As his wife I know that he took it all for granted and that’s why you needed to show him that not performing to his full capability, due to him job hopping with “luck,” was not responsible behavior. After 2 years of being unemployed, I think he has learnt his lesson! Thank you for the excellent new job he has started. Thank you for the package they offered him and thank you for the wonderful boss he is working with. I give thanks and give praise as a praying and loving wife.

Praying for further job success concerning a company deal he is presently working on. Should he be successful, he will move back home. Living so far away from me and the children is pretty trying at times. The children need their father as much as I need him. We are all very grateful for his great opportunity however having him working close to home would be so much better.

In Jesus name I pray… By the POWER of the blood of Jesus AMEN!

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