Prayer of Strength and Courage to Move Forward

by Kiran (Malaysia)

Dear Lord

Thank you Lord for the wonderful family who have blessed upon myself and the continuous love and support.

I face the fear of what will happen tomorrow as I have just lost my job and how will I support the beautiful angel, my daughter which you LORD have so graciously gifted myself with. I am trying to seek for a job but it is so difficult and I am not able to share with my spouse as I do not want to upset him at all.

LORD please grant me a miracle that I will quickly secure a job, help my spouse financially and ensure I keep the family at tact all times. Please help me to move forward and have the strength and confidence that your end shall help me in this journey. I have shared my resumes with potential employers, please allow my resume to shine, granted an interview and hope to successfully obtain a job from there.

Please help me LORD

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  1. Prayer

    I pray unto Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior that you find another job, and even BETTER job, and that you and your family will not falter in the name of Jesus. Always remember God allows everything to happen for a reason so I pray that you do not give up faith in Jesus Christ and God. He loves you more than anything, and they will always be looking out for you

    God Bless

  2. God Bless you

    Always remember Child of God, when God closes one door, He opens another better one! Right now you may seem lost and confused, but God is going to provide you with something even better!! Just always remember to have Faith and never give up on His holiness! He will provide you with everything you need and nothing less of it! Don’t be afraid to share with your spouse your situation, that is why God has provided you with them, to always be able to tell each other everything without judgement and to praise the Lord. Always remember that God has never forgotten you, and that he will provide you with something great! I pray that you find an even BETTER job

    In Jesus Sweet Name I Pray,


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