Prayer of Salvation

by TONY ()

Heavenly Father, in the name Jesus Christ, I come before your throne and pray to walk in our nation and take away all the wicked Public Servants of this Nation, as a results of your people are suffering from agony, pain, sickness, hunger, lost of lives, unemployment, massive corruptions, poor governance, incompetence and the poor response to pandemic that continues to spread in out nation.

I and majority of the Pilipino People are now over reacting to the rudeness of our Godless President, No less President Duterte for supporting the massive and obvious corruptions and stealing in the face of the Philippine Citizens.

Please Lord God, have pity nor have mercy on us, as we can’t do anything but wait for the fast approaching 2022 Presidential Election. please Lord God, you have all the power to eradicate this kind of leader and its Cabinet Members who are also Rude and Thieves.

Please pray for the Philippines and of its Citizens. do not allow President Duterte to HOLD In Power, as he was not a good and a decent leader at all.

We pray for a good President and Vice-President to lead this Nation. please pray for Ping Lacson and Tito Sotto for the coming 2022 Election. I/We pray that majority of the people, including the Overseas Filipino Workers/OFW, the needy, the poor, the less fortunate , the unemployed, employed and all the business sectors will give their full support on this tandem so the Philippines will survive.

Oh My God, my/our hope. we have placed all our trust in thee, and I know, I shall not be disappointed.

Lord God, thy will be DONE.

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