Prayer of Protection over my Marriage

by Busisiwe (Newcastle, South Africa)

Dear Almighty Father, the Father of our Lord Jesus, the Father of righteousness, the Father who is gracious to us. This morning I come near your face I come to You in faith I come to You humbly, I know your Power Holy Ghost and I do not doubt it.

Here is the Marriage that You blessed me with Holy Spirit, no one said it Would be easy or fun but because you are there making it all possible.

I bring You closer to My marriage Please asking for the Holy Spirit to protect us, please protect us from the so-called dreams, I know that Satan is against marriages but today I curse these dreams and bring them back to their satanic owner. Please put in my husband the spirit of romance please make us more united than ever so that were to be a clear evidence that you are the Father who cares for us.
I rebuke the spirits of witches, the spirit of adultery and the spirit of infidelity in your Name.

May we enjoy the rich and rewarding blessings of our marriage, freeing the spirit of love, the spirit of tolerance of prayer together with my husband. A spirit of cooperation that will build our home together and help us to bring up our children together. Please do not isolate us from our young children and give us money to provide for them.

In all, please let us make this Marriage a great deal and draw us closer to you.

In this case I ask all of this in Your Holy Name, because you say in your word that if we ask for everything in your name you will do for us, be kind to me Daddy and fulfill your promises because You are a faithful and giving Father.


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