prayer of protection: From Misunderstanding & lies

by Sl (Columbia SC. USA)

This seems to be a problem, even when I was a child. To be lied on and misunderstand. I tell the truth. Work hard, pay my tithing. All ways pray and praise God. And have never stolen from work. I pride my self on that. No matter how little I make; I live the right way.

I work retail. And hate lying thieves. I don’t know way this happens. Unless it’s a test to make me strong. And stand up for my self. But there no way to stop it from happening. If someone thinks something. Even as a kid. I would be playing and someone would blame me for something I did not do. Or setting in church, and someone else say something. I did not even talk; and I get blamed. The truth would come out later. But all I have is my Faith and my Name. And I Thank Heavenly Father and rejoice in Christ.

I don’t let it hurt me the way it has in the past. Am just tried of it. And am going to read more and pray more from my prayer book. John Echardt: Daily Declarations for Spiritual Warfare. I have found it very helpful. I will pray for everyone here. That we see God’s will, help, righteousness, love, mercy, grace and power in our lives. May we all live knowing we a free in Christ Jesus!!

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