Prayer of protection for my son.

by Dorinda (New York)

Oh merciful and beloved lamb of God our Father. Jesus please take care of my son and bring him through the valley of the shadows unharmed. Please keep all malice and evil away from him and lead him to safety. He is a young man who has made mistakes, but you are our merciful Lord and know his heart is good. Please do not allow him to be falsely accused and bring your light to protect him. Guide him through this difficult time, that he may learn from his mistakes but have the opportunity to move on with his life and be a productive and faith filled young man. Allow him to do good things in this world and to touch the life of others with good examples. As his mother, you know my heart and you know my love is unconditional for my only son. I ask for your mercy and the mercy of your beloved mother to bring us through this fire.

In the name of the most high Jesus Christ I pray. Amen

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