prayer of protection and favor, ministry work

by Lynda (Port Charlotte, Fl)

dear heavenly father in jesus name and by the holy spirit who art in heaven howabout thy kinkdom come thy will be done here as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread put the full armour of god on us in jesus name with a cloak of protection on us and a hedge of protection around all of our coming in and going out it shall be done this day remove all curses from our church let no wickedness come nye our dwelling in our walk with you I secume to your will take away all fear and doubt bless us abundantly give back what the enemy stoled ten thousand fold take down all strongholds cleanse us make us worthy of our calling and send us out with an overflow abundance of finance to do your will to reach the poor and brokenhearted the lost and sinners bring us a new and refreshing anointing shaken down pressed down with a over powering of gifts to heal the sick lame lost to reach those that need jesus to break the chains over poverty this is prayed with a broken heart that has went in the fire of attack from every way which you know all about lord but you never left us you walked us through but the enenmy still on our back like a bulls eye cause he wanted not our ministry to go forth but the gaits of hell shall not prevail this day and forward that what god has started shall and will be finished in me and u and we shall rise unstoppable with blessing gifts power given live to our bones hearts removed all curses hex chants black magic white magic all forms of voo doos said on us let the witches have no control over us put the enemy under our feet where he belongs strip them of all powers you are greater in us than he that is the world and we have the victory in the name of jesus let our works not be in vain but in the power of jesus with your seal stamped upon it abba father in jesus precious name amen