Prayer of Prosperity and Protection

by Ron (Seattle)

Dear God and merciful Savior Jesus, I know we are not meant to suffer from each others hands, yet I feel there are others that are meaning me and my family ill and doing so through witchcraft. I pray for their souls that they come to know thy bountiful grace and mercies; however I pray for protections from their ill placed trappings and spell weavings. I pray for all that we have lost that your beautiful bounties will overwhelm us to our knees with tears of joy. May your Spirit light the fires of our bellies, fill our hearts with love for human kindness and let us sing of Your wonders to the end of days. Walk the halls of our home and property and return all negative attentions with merciful justice and may the blessings promised by God flood our lives and fill our cups to overflowing. In this I pray in Jesus Christ blessed name Amen!

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