Prayer of Money Blessings and Stress Relief

by M.B. (Pennsylvania)

Dear Lord:

You know how hard it has been keeping up with the bills,and more stuff thrown at us at the worse time.Now its the car,,the only one we have and use for work. We need the car as well for doctor appointments and just the daily things. Am trying to borrow the amount of 2000.00 to get the car fixed.

Please Lord,,,hear my prayers and pleas for a miracle from family members to take car of this problem as well as other bills were behind on. I am stressed out as it is with all the day to day things,,be it food or rent or utility bills. Being the husband and head of the family,,i feel I am letting all down because of this. We live within our means,,,and still having struggles.

Please Lord,,,for our family,,,till we all get back on our feet ,,in the next few weeks. WE NEED ALL THE PRAYER WARRIORS WE CAN GET. THANK YOU ALL



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