Prayer of Hope Strength and Peace

by Annette (Philadelphia Pa)

God I beg for your forgiveness and ssk that you not harden my soul for the Devil has me under attack at every turn snd I am weak and afraid for our souls are being eaten bit by bit and we are losing faith and hope with little fight left in us. We are homeless starving for your guidance and protection. We need faith we need you to see our good will and bring us out of the shepards feild into the house. We ask that you forgive us for ours sins and purify us of our guilt and help us heal. We cannot fight and prevail without your help. We cannot jump without your net to catch us. I pray with every breath in me for me and my baby girl that you hear our desperate cries see our pain before the devil takes our souls. We want to be saved we want to see the path you have ordained for us together we need each other and most of all we need you. Its so dark and i beg you to show us the light and find our way to you for peace strength and guidance hope and to do all things possible thru you. In God’s name we trust-Amen

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