Prayer Of Healing and Strength With My Partner Due To Miscommunication and Understanding

by Titilayo (Louisiana)

Dear God,

Please help me with my current relationship issue with my partner Emile. I care deeply for Emile but he is pulling away with lack of communication and understanding. I realize he is a good man. Emile treats me very good and cares for my child and very loving in every way. Unfortunately, I’m driving him away due to my own insecurities, nagging, and needy ways. Please help me with pray in my time of trouble. I am asking for additional prays to heal the both of us and especially his heart and mind so he can truly see my heart and the love, I have for him. I offer this prayer to you God to help with healing and strength in order for us to return to the loving and understanding relationship which will allow us to continue to grow over time with each other.

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