Prayer of Gratitude

by TONY ()

Almighty God, Our eternal Father, in the name of Jesus Christ. I come before you and want to say thank you for all the blessings that you have done for me and to my family yesterday on my recent 60th birthday, for the sufficient food on the table, for the clean water we drink, for the financial blessings, for sending the holy spirit to dwell in our home and protect us from any sickness and from the Covid 19 Delta variants virus plus. thank you holy spirit for living within me, for guidance and providing all my needs on my special birthday, thank you for not leaving mew, nor forsaken me during the celebration until end of yesterday. thank you for my beautiful family, for good health, for the abundant mercy and grace, for the miracles and the compassionate aid you bestowed upon us. thank you Lord God for being with us all the time. thank you Almighty God, for listening to all my prayers, and for granting some of my petitions, for the wisdom, courage, for your trust in me, and forgiving all our sins, negligences and all of our transgressions of our past life. thank you for miraculously healing my sick body, mend what is broken in me, for protecting us all these years and for providing for all of our needs. thank you Lord God for giving me the opportunity to help others, for the sufficient wealth to come our way, so We may start extending our helping hands for the needy, the poor, the sick and less fortunate. thank to my Brother John Aldrich for listening to my pleas and for showing compassion. thank you Lord Jesus for the prayers when ever I drive our car and whenever we are in public places. thank your for helping me turned my back to my bad attitudes, bad habits and vices, and the bitterness, for trying to become unselfish and to avoid folly. thank you Lord God for helping me to be a better person, and not to be a sinner, nor sinned no more. thank you Lord God for Love and Blessings beyond measurement, thank you Lord Jesus for Blessing our Car, the house where we live, for everything you have provided, and for all the Blessings.

All of these, in the powerful name of Jesus, Amen.

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