Prayer of Faith to receive a miracle


I thank you for the love joy abundance and blessings you have already bestowed upon me and ask that you lovingly and speedily answer my prayer and the prayers of all others that humbly seek your grace and mercy.

I pray for a miracle of healing in my relationship that my partner returns to me now with all the love in his heart and marries me this November (2013) as planned I know you do not intend for us to be apart and pray that our love and devotion to you and sa bother only continues to grow stronger now and always, you know the desires of my heart my lord I love you I praise you I thank you, please also bless me with a financial miracle so I can look after my family and afford to pay and meet my most pressing financial obligations.

I ask for a miracle that I now receive all the desires of my heart and so much more in Jesus name I love and praise and thank you thank you thank you!
Your loving and greatful daughter xxx