Prayer of Deliverance

by Cody (Diamond Bar, CA)

Dear Lord,

I am asking in all sincerity
To rid me of these demons,
I repent to you God,
Show me the way out of perversion.

God, I know miracles happen!
I know prayers to you work
Because with you all things are possible!
I can be content with you.

God, you can save me,
Your angels can be there for me,
Rid me of all the sin,
Rid me of all the demons,
You cleansed me from these before,
Please forgive me for good!
Deliver me from all evil with your blood,
Wash me from the crown of my head,
To the soles of my feet!

Father, I am forgiven,
By the blood of Jesus Christ,
I look to you God,
For all my needs,
And the breaking of all addictions,
No matter what they are.

In Jesus name. Amen.