Prayer Of Communion

by Kevin Whittaker ()

A Communion Prayer: Lord Jesus, I bow before you in humility and ask You to examine my heart today. Show me anything that is not pleasing to You. Reveal any secret pride any unconfessed wrongdoings that I didn’t mean to do any rebellion or unforgiveness that may be hindering my relationship with You. I know that I am Your beloved child, having received You into my heart and life and having accepted Your cruxificition as a helpful guide to make one of your Holy Creations through the font of Baptism on May10th,1998. The price You paid covered me for all time and my desire is to live for You.As I take the bread representing Your life that was broken for me I remember and celebrate Your faithfulness to me and to all who will receive You. I can’t begin to fathom the agonizing suffering of Your crucifixion. Yet You took that pain for me. You died for me! Thank You, Jesus. Thank You for Your extravagant love and unmerited favor. Thank You that Your death gave me life abundant life now, and eternal life forever. As You instructed Your disciples I too receive this bread in remembrance of You. And in the same way as I take this cup representing Your blood poured out from a splintered cross I realize that You were the supreme sacrifice for all my wrongdoings that I didn’t want to do in my life in all of my 32 years life in Jesus name past present and future. Because of Your blood shed for me and Your body broken for me I can be free from the power and penalty of wrongdoings that I wish that I had never done before. Thank You for Your cruxificition. You took the cruxificition that I deserved. You took my punishment. Your pain was indeed my gain. And today I remember and celebrate the precious gift of life You gave me through the blood that You spilled. But while my relationship is secure with you I know wrongdoings that washed away cannot break our fellowship at times. I’m still human and I often will always remember who I am and whose I am. You want to convict and correct me not shame me. You love me like a perfect parent. You’ll never disown me or leave me. You love me no matter what. But wrongdoings are taken away and nothing can hurt both our hearts anymore. So before I take communion today I’m asking You to truly search my heart and reveal hidden things for which to ask Your forgiveness. Each time I take communion, Lord, I want to recommit my life, my heart, my thoughts, my everything to You. Fill me today with Your powerful Spirit. As I leave this place, help me to hold this fresh remembrance and the story that never grows old close to my heart. Help me to share its message faithfully as You give opportunity. In Your Precious name Amen.

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