Prayer of Abundance

by Lisa (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

The river of life is ever flowing.. I open my heart and mind, body and soul to receive an abundance from God of the ‘Manna from Heaven’. I am not encumbered with thoughts of past or future. I quiet my mind to receive and manifest magnificent increases.

I pray for the goodness and abundance of all Open up the Infinite sources of heaven, lift us to a higher power by our belief.Let loose of the angels most high to release the Manna from Heaven Grant us the Grace of remembering to ask for your divine assistance.

In Jesus name, I make this prayer request for all in need of Abundance. Amen I

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  1. Positive Help

    Please pray for my need of extra job. Part time. I had surgery last month and now it seems like everything is falling apart. I don’t have enough to make ends meet. I will be going back to work next week, ready or not! Now I need an extra job to overcome all these bills. I never seem to get a break. I got sick, and lost a lot of my salary, and of course other unexpected bills came in! I am a single parent, Fighting to keep my home…. I need a break….. Good Luck. Things have to stop breaking. In the past 2 years I had to repair roof, deck, and now furnace. I am in despair. Please pray. I need an extra part time job, and Good Luck. Thank you 🙂

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