Prayer Of a Son for his Sick Mother

by Aarron L Chyne (India)

Dear Lord..

All those years we have been blessed by Your Grace and even though there were ups and downs in our life You helped my mother to raise us even without our dad.My Jesus, i know you already know about my mom’s sickness and how she has been suffering till date. but You never let her faith disappear and till today she is still praying in her heart. hear out cries and our prayers as we are in need of You and your miracles. No medicines can heal her right now. Even though at times I lose hope on her, deep inside my heart i have a strong belief that The Lord My God is still with me and with my mother and it is just a matter of time You will show us Your wondrous miracles as You always do. Help us and hear my prayers as i am in need of You.
i am very sad and i am feeling very lonely and and my brother and sister are yet to fulfill her dreams. Please do not take her away from us as we need her.She means everything to us and.

Once again hear my prayers and Please help my mom get back on her feet as she wants to pray and thank you Oh lord. These are all my wants right now.
Thank you for always being there for us. Amen!!

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