prayer of a change of life.

by Eric (South Amboy N.J.)

Lord Jesus I beg for mercy . I need your protection and guidance. I have made a life time of bad choices.I have sinned and ask you for forgiveness . In your mercy help me defeat my drug addiction . Lord I ask you for your help in financial problems. My heart is open lord for you. I want to live a life of a good Christian . I pray you hear my cries for help. Bless me in my journey today . I pray my car makes it to take my daughter to school and gets us home safe . Lord I beg of you to hep me im tired of being a sinner . I love my wife and my children. Help God so I can provide a better life for them. God please let me get a reliable car today . Bless me with good fortune so I can change the lives of my family.I hhave been selfish . Lord please help I love God!

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