Prayer needed to be released from sinful desire for another’s husband and also for this man to admit his part in our emotional affair

I few years ago I fell in love with someone at my church whom I was becoming close to. I know it was mutual by the way he acted and looked at me. I also was aware after some time that his wife was being hurt by what she saw in our exchanged looks and actions. I confessed to him how I felt after a sermon on treating others above yourself and just seeing her hurt face that day. He denied any feelings for me but said he hope he hadn’t done anything to make me feel this way and was sorry if he had done anything to make me feel this way.

He said he still wanted to be my friend and I assumed he would avoid me like the plague but he didn’t. He smiled and seemed happy with what I told him. I was very confused. Someone I confided in decided to share this with someone else and some leaders were informed. I was counseled and it was not easy. He did not seem to get reprimanded and that is what bothers me now. He never admitted his part in this. I know I didn’t imagine it and I had asked others to observe as well to make sure I wasn’t. My prayer request is for you to pray that I can be completely delivered from this love for him, I will honor his wife and family, God, and my church family with my actions. Please pray that God reveals to me exactly what He wants me to do to accomplish this. I have prayed, cried, begged, and asked a close friend whom I have shared this with to pray for me but so far it doesn’t seem to be going away.

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