prayer needed for my grandson

by Cristena (Kerrville Texas)

Lord please help us if we go to court for my grandson. The mother went to prison for 5 years and my son went for 25 years they both did the same crime but she got let off cause she was pregnant and blamed everything on my son,. she had the baby while incarcerated she said she was going to give the baby to her father next thing i know I’m getting a call from the hospital to go pick him up. unprepared i stepped up to the plate took him and we got so used to him we love him so much, he calls us mom and dad and now she is out and wants to take him from us. Lord i pray with all my heart that he gets to stay with us I’m with him 24-7. I even took a job to be with him at school as a parent teachers aid. Lord he is so scared his mother will take him from us. he doesn’t want to live with them i pray that they open there eyes and stop being so selfish and think about his feelings. he wants to live with us please help us dear lord we love him please. In Jesus name i pray.

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