Prayer needed for illness while going through cancer treatment

by Jrg (Ohio)

I am asking for prayer for my sister Kathy C. She made it through 5 very strong radiation treatments with tiredness just short of exhaustion.. Now she is going through 4 Chemo treatments… 21 days between each (chemo) treatment..

She had been ill with flu like symtoms since the chemo treatment and beyone exhaustion now.. WE both stand on God’s word and we know that he had been with her in every step before even being diagnosed with this cancer.. she lived in another state and was told she was just anxious..

nothing else was wrong with her.. within a month and a half of coming to my state to rest and regain her strength, we were told she indeed had cancer.. God made the way for her to recieve treatment, and now we are asking for prayer to help her deal with the sickness that comes with treatment, and strength to function..

Please Pray as if it was your mother or your sister…