Prayer money to remove financial debt

(Southfield Michigan Oakland County )

I pray for God to give me all the money I need to remove all of my financial debt and relieve me of this burden very swiftly. I have two car payments with the car insurances for both to meet each month along with my son’s braces, our life insurance policy, rent, food,lights, gas, water bills ,credit card bill, and our other basic needs and necessities like our cloths and things my two sons may need for school and recreation. I am a single mom of two sons and am now excepting a new child from a toxic abusive relationship that I have just ended. I am working but don’t make enough right now to cover all of these things. I pray for Gods favor with money and good health to keep us going. I pray God blesses me with more than enough so that I can help another family as well! Thank you for praying with me and Thank you Almighty God for answering our prayers.