Prayer mirracle healing of my household that satan wants to control

by Leandelevone (Genadendal)

My prayer is to ask god to forgive me for all my sins, I’m a single parent of two and stays with my mother and grandmother i use to sleep with this guy who loves me but was married i really didnt wanted to but to put food on our table and he knew whay our needs was is in the house.

My aunt has been sick but is getting better my mother is alhandy cap and would not e able to work in her life again im unemployed and seeking so long for a job we moved recently in this house where we staying at the moment but this environment you can feel satan is taking over myself and the other does not sleep right at night my kidz are like kidz that are not diccipkine or let me say its like satan is taking over them to drain me please pasyor i need a job and come out of this environment please and my kidz nneds to be pulled under the blood of jesus