Prayer Intention for Marriage

by Daniel (California)

To the kind souls who can help me on this journey, please listen to my prayer intentions.

Heavenly Father, I have encountered many women who I thought was for me, but each has ended with it not meant to be. I pray and submit to God for Him to find me a suitable spouse, one of the same culture and one who also is devoted to God and the Mother Church. I beg God for this intercession to happen on his time as I have given up on my own and humbly ask for the intercession of Saint Raphael, Saint Jude, Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, and all other Saints. Help me when the time comes to win her Heart in courtship, to show the same love, devotion, and zeal that God has for all of us, and to be with her until death does us part. Help me at this time while I am still single, to fully transition into adulthood, become pure of mind, body, and spirit, and closer to God than ever, in preparation to finding my future spouse. Please listen to this intention that I now offer up to God, and as of this moment, I completely entrust this intention to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Amen.

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  1. Saint Jude Please Intercede with God To Restore my marriage and my children

    St Jude worker of miracles and hopeless cases. I honor the Lord in your name, Please soften my husband GE and restore our marriage and restore the relationship with my children L and J. Please bring us all together and heal their hearts. My husband has strayed, I neglected him for years, we have lost our friendship and trust. I tried for so long but always still failed at being the wife that he wanted me to be. We have been married for 22years and together for 25. I pray and ask that you soften his heart and hate for me and that he gives us another chance to work at our relationship so that we can be married and a strong and loving family that placed God first and so that he may know that we were meant to be together and love each other forever. I love him with all my heart and soul, he has been the only man I have ever loved and know that I will love him till the end of my life. I cannot see life without him and my children as a family. Please I pray and ask that going through divorce will change his heart and and bring him back to me and to love me as he once did, to respect me as his wife that he may be faithful to me and only me and that we can forgive each other for all the hurtful things and words we have done and said to each other. I want for him to have a forgiving heart and that it may be filled with love for me as his wife and mother to his children. I want to be his best friend and love of his life. Please I ask for another chance at our marriage and bring our family together. Please St Jude miracle worker, please Please hear my prayer.

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