Prayer in tought time and needs helps and needs

by God Favor (Florida)

Dear God , im nothing without you.thank you for who you are. You are great. Thank you for those who lift me up in prayer.bless those who want to see good things happen in my life.also bless those who want bad for say you will always be with me and believe going throught some hard time now.i made many mistake, i don’t want to make no PROMISE to you that i can’t keep.i want to do good .please show me how .i want to give you my life for the rest of my life.i don’t have a home to stay now please bless me with a home.its hard to see my kids cuz i have no place to sleep. Please bless me with a home where i can knee down pray with my kids. Where they can play and sleep have good time with they daddy. Bless they mom.

Give her a good man of God. Lead me to the woman you save for me find a woman that love you and respect you. Im struggle right now please give me strenght to hold on until free me from my hard time. And Jesus name i pray Amen.

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