Prayer in Times of Desperation

Dear Lord,

I have been suffering from depression and recently, on top of that, I have been diagnosed with a STD known as genital herpes. I am 20 and doctors say this disease will travel along with me throughout my entire life.

Dear Lord, help me to overcome my desperation and find happiness in the new life I will need to have. Give me strength not to fall into Satan’s words, alluring me to mindless sleep and despair. Allow me to be strong and positive and face the reality, both for myself and my family. Let me, a sinner, open my heart to you so that you are with me and I in thee.

Change me lord, give me peace, strength and joy.
I beg you Lord to heal my mind and my body so that I may do what you have sent me here to do and at the end of my life, fall back into your arms in peace

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