Prayer In Time of Need

by Debbie (Sunnyvale, CA)

Dear Prayer Worriors-

II would like to ask you to pray and agree with me for job security. My company is going through very tough times, I believe that there will be a layoff, management has already communicated 20% pay cuts, this hurts!

I am praying for a new opportunity that I can be a blessing in. I love Human Resources and would like to continue in growing in this area. I would also like to stay close to home, I’ve commuted all of these years, and my current job allowed me to be very close to home.

I also am asking that you pray for my health, I have Sarcoidosis, I pray that this will leave my body, and that I am once again strong, have healthy lungs, liver, and eye sight.

I believe and I KNOW God is able. Thank you in advance for your prayers, and may God continue to richly bless you!!