Prayer in the middle of the day, and at night before bed.

by James (Orchard Park, NY, USA)

Being Roman Catholic some of the prayers I pray are repetitive and are supposed to be. Otherwise, I spend time before the Eucharist in prayer. What ever is on my mind I bring before Jesus.

Since I have free time in the middle of the day I spend about 2 hours in prayer. One and a half hours praying the full Rosary, and the other half with guided prayers.

At night I pray the full Rosary again and talk to Jesus after this asking him to answer my prayers.
The Rosary is a Christ centered time of prayer through veneration of Our Lady.

Sometimes I meditate and let my mind wander in prayer directly to God asking him for things for myself and my family.

I watch T.V. and prayer in my mind.

I go on the internet and go to youtube and find prayers and pray them.
I am in a constant state of prayer.