Prayer in thanks for blessings

by Dede ()

Father God I thankyou for ordering my footsteps as I work in my gifts you have blessed me with. Father you have blessed me with the gift of speaking and writing. I give my self and gifts over to you to use me as you will. I surrender myself to you. I receive the calling you have on my life through those gifts and the gift you put in my hands with hair. Let me be a blessing to every woman who sits in my chair. As I beautify the outside so shall their insides be beautified with the sharing of your word & love. Lord I just want to do and be in your will. Father I also stand thanking you for the restoration of my marriage and my family. Thank you for bringing perfect peace love and unity back into my marriage and family. Thank you for making my marriage and family into the unions you intended for them to be.

Thank you for protecting us from all harm and evil that know weapons formed against us shall prosper for we are victorious in Christ Jesus we are more than conquers, and we rest in the safty of the shadows of your wings.Father God I praise and worship your holy name and I thank you in the name of your precious son Jesus Christ I thank you AMEN!

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