Prayer in Praise of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

by Prayers Admin ()

Oh Jesus, Your heart is more sacred than any other. Your heart is full of every virtue and grace. Your heart is so loving and merciful, and it is the greatest source of mercy for us sinners who are in need of Your grace. Jesus, all praise be to Your sacred heart. Jesus, help me to love You, and to continually venerate Your sacred heart. Give me a burning love for You, Jesus. Jesus, Your heart is so much kinder than any other. You are a friend to the lonely, a comfort to the sorrowful, and a light to all who are in darkness. My sweet Jesus, thank You for all Your love. Lord, Your love, unlike human love, is unconditional, and will never end. Jesus, even if parents do not love their child, You will continue loving that child. You are so loving Jesus. Praise be to You, and to Your most sacred heart, the source of mercy and salvation for all souls. Lord, the great mercy of Your heart is why so many sinners like me are given the graces necessary to go to Heaven. Lord, I pray one more thing. Please, in this sinful world, bring about a deep love and a deep veneration for Your most sacred heart. Your heart is the abode of all virtues, graces, and of all love and mercy. All praise, love, and worship be to Your most sacred heart, Jesus. There is nobody else but Your Father, You, and Your Holy Spirit, who even though being the most powerful beings in existence, still continue to love and care for each person as Your own child. Thank You Jesus. Amen.

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