Prayer in Praise of God’s Great Glory

by Prayers Admin ()

God, nobody is a powerful, as perfect, as loving, as kind, and as compassionate as You. You are the Sovereign LORD, the Father of Jesus Christ our Lord. Today, Lord, I saw an example of Your great glory. Thank You, oh Lord of Hosts, for allowing me to witness Your great and fearsome glory and not be hurt. Today, Lord, there was a huge storm. I have never seen rain fall as hard as it did in that storm oh Lord. I am a sinner, Lord. I am worse than most sinners. I am worse than all sinners. You could have let me been hurt in that storm, because the rain poured so much that I could not see straight in front of me when I was driving. I could hear nothing but the rain, that was how hard and forceful it was. I saw the lightning that You put up in the sky. I saw how You made the whole sky flash with color. I know that it is You who makes the great and terrible thunder. I was not scared by the storm, but rather You, the One who created the storm. Lord, I thought that You would end me there itself. But again, as You always do, You were loving and merciful, and You kept me safe from all harm, although You know that I deserve to be harmed. Lord, I know that there is no god out there who can do the great things You can. Lord, many times, I don’t glorify You enough. I normally just ask You about what I want. I am really sorry my Lord. You do all these great and wonderful things. You created the Heavens, the Earth, and all inside of them by only speaking. Even Your word is so powerful, Lord. You created great and small alike. When the Isrealites were being chased by the Egyptians, You parted the Red Sea, something impossible for any others. You can do the impossible. You, Lord, unlike others, do not judge by appearance. You judge by what is within. When You told Samuel to go the house of Jesse to choose a king for himself, and he asked You about Jesse’s elder sons because they were good-looking and lofty in appearance, You said no, because You judged by what is within. You chose David, Jesse’s youngest son, because he loved You with all his heart. Jesus, even though You are the Son of the Almighty God, You chose to be born in a manger. Lord, You are so much greater than all other gods. You are so much powerful than those false deities. Even though You are so powerful, You still look after us frail humans. You are compassionate and loving and merciful in a way that nobody else can claim to be. You love all Your children, and You continue to call after the sinner. You are deeply invested in everyone’s lives Lord, and You are a Father to them all. Lord, You are more glorious than anyone else. I praise You, my God, and I love You and I worship You. Forgive me for the sinner that I am, so that I may glorify You in front of all and that I may praise You. Thank You, for being a loving and merciful God, and that even though You are so great and glorious, You still care for sinners like me. Amen.

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