Prayer in Needing your Assistance

Dear Saint Jude,

I am in desperate need of your assistance. The most important is employment. I have been out of work for some time now. I look every day and submit my resume for just about any thing at this point.

I beg of you to help me find employment. I am willing to take on multiple jobs to help get out of my poor financial situation. I need this to be able to care for my 3 children.

I am currently married but want to separate and file for divorce. I know this goes against the church but there has been too many years of disrespect, pain and fighting.

Neither one of us can have our kids be witness to this any longer. We get along wonderfully as friends and I would rather that than hold hatred in my heart towards the father of my children. I know someday I will be blessed with the Love, respect and friendship of a male companion.

I do make my promise to you that I have and always will contribute monthly to St. Judes Children’s Hospital.

With all my heart – MA.

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