Prayer in Need of Mercy

by J (MS)

Heavenly Father, it is sometimes hard to even breathe, the stress is so overwhelming. My husband and I need immediate financial relief. We have been struggling for several years now, and it only seems to get worse.

Lord, we both work and all we do is buy groceries and gas and pay bills, at least pay the ones we can. We are behind on every single bill. I am constantly juggling to keep from losing our home, our vehicles, our utilities.

We only pray for the opportunity to pay off our debtors and get back on track. We attend Mass every weekend and have sacrificed to give our kids a Catholic education. Sweet Lord, please find it in Your will soon to show Your mercy and grace to me and my family.

We will be forever grateful and work always to make sure we are never in this position again. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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