Prayer in chronic pain and weakness..

by Maureen (NJ, USA)

Lord, I am grounded by the pain and fatigue of my chronic illness. I know there is a lesson in this. You suffered for our sins on the cross. I suffer for my own, possibly.

However, I need your mercy and strength during this time of illness and poverty. I trust in your words….and they are truly yours….”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”….please do strengthen me according to your will, as always. I feel so weak I can barely go on.
Thank you for your blessings, dear Lord. In your name, I pray, Amen.

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  1. prayers for chronic pains caused by worry & money matters

    I need prayers to relieve me of these chronic pains which are bringing me down. I feel weak and am unable to go on with my life. This illness is due to the worries that I have and need gods advice to see me through this. I am asking God to help me. Amendoub


    The Lord understands our problems we are facing everyday. At times its not easy to see the bigger picture he has for us, but there is. Its sometimes difficult to see that He is testing us, but he.It sometimes seems difficult to see Him in this times of pain but He is. For he is next to us because most of the times we are looking all over, in front of us, on top of us but never next to us.



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