Prayer: I am about to lose my job

I am about to lose my job, a very good paying job that keeps me able to pay my bills and have food and all of the essentials that are needed to live.

I do not know what is around the corner for me but I pray that there is a good job available for me and that I can use my skills, education, and experience in exchange for a paycheck and benefits. I am grateful for all the help I can get. Thanks Amen!

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  1. I know I did wrong but please forgive me and not make me lose my job

    Please touch me to not lose my job that’s my only means of running my household

  2. About to lose my Job.

    Dear Jesus. I know that I haven’t always been the best christian. I know that I have done things wrong and ask for forgiveness. I have been through a lot in my life and I know that you know whats best for me. God I just came into my apartment in September, you gave this apartment to me that I have prayed for a long time. People said that I would not get anywhere without good credit and you prove to them that they were wrong. That if I trusted in you, everything would be ok and to be patient. Jesus my job is being threatened. Jesus I try to think what happened when I lost the money out of my cash draw. I was being careful lord. I was trying my best father.And then it just all happened. Jesus please. I am asking you to please let me keep my apartment. Even though this job is very stressful, it keeps food on the table and a place to stay. Jesus you know how my mom is, you know our relationship. Jesus please help me please lord help me please Jesus please. I need help. I have always been told that I can’t do this or that. I know I can do it lord. Please if I am not suppose have this job please provide another one father. I live paycheck to paycheck. God I don’t know what to do but pray to you. Jesus please. If its something that you would like me to see or learn, please teach me. I just need a miracle in this situation. Please lord I would do everything from now on with you in mind. Pray before I do things. I am not sure the reason for it but I just want to thank you anyways. Even though its hard I thank you. My body is angry, sad, depressed, torn, and confused but I thank you anyway. Blessed be the name of Jesus. Please lord, help me.

  3. Dear god I may lose my job again help me

    Dear God This job is a lifeline for 3 families and everything seems tobe negative. Pls give u r miracle to avert the crisis and let me not lose my job. I promise to pull up and make changes. Please dont let me down as it happened before. God I beg you to please help me. I know you will take care of our needs. I repent of all my sins.

  4. kevin to be set free from losing his job now

    i want to be set free from losing my job,am the bread winner in my house and i dont want to take that away from my family,lord jesus i beg for kevin and his wrong doing be forgiven in jesus name amen i know my prayer is answered

  5. kevin to be set free from losing his job now

    i want to be set free from losing my job,am the bread winner in my house and i dont want to take that away from my family,lord jesus i beg for kevin and his wrong doing be forgiven in jesus name amen i know my prayer is answered

  6. Watch over us all

    Dear Lord,

    I think we all know that the reasons we go through struggles in our lives is that there are lessons You are teaching us. I pray for all of those who have posted here, Lord, as well as for myself, that we can accept those lessons without the pain and hardship of losing our jobs.

    Many of us are the primary earners in our family. Losing our job will cause them to suffer as well… and maybe that is the lesson. I pray then, Lord, that we can all simply accept this lesson. You tell us in ypur word that a job is a gift. We need to learn to treat it as such.

    I pray that none of us here lose our jobs. If it is your will that we have other jobs, then please let that change happen smoothly and with as little stress to us and our families as is possible.

    In Jesus name. Amen.

  7. No hours from my job

    I am a caregiver & I haven’t got any hours from my job. Pleaes pray I get a client full-time. I need to pay my bills. I am a single parent. Pray I get favor on my job & my boss will call me with a female client this week. Pray I will not lose my job & my clients like me. Pray I get favor with my job and people like me.

  8. IJN about my job

    I know I haven’t been the best Christian, but like one of thief said to Jesus as they hung up on the cross. Remember me

  9. Prayers for my daughter to not lose her job

    Dear Lord my savior I know she was brought into a situation where she was manipulated by someone she trusted and told HR false information about her. Please guide them into making the decision to keep her as she is a great worker and loves her job so much. Please have leniency on her and keep her on as a employee.
    In your name We Pray

  10. Please pray

    Mother Mary please pray for me that I don’t loose my job. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

  11. prayer to get job immediately

    Dear Lord,
    My job contract about to end soon, and one month salary on hold. You know my need, you know my desire.
    Please help me find a job immediately.
    In Jesus’s mighty name I pray,

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