Prayer from the Depressed to not lose Hope

by Sam ()

Lord, I am so Distressed and sadden. I took my exam on the 18 of August, even though i studied for this exam for such a long time, I found it being hard. the question length were longer. God of Abraham and Issac, i will get my result on the 26th of September, :(. Please Lord make that day a blessed day.

I am so worried my Lord, i cant stop thinking about the exam. God, I am praying for miracle. my savior, I pray in the name of the father, the son, and the holly spirit that you grant me a passing score on this exam. My lord savior this exam means a lot to me. my Humble father, let this be a miracle my God.

I surrender everything to you my lord. i take refuge in you. MY God, please listen to my prayer and hear my cries out to you my Lord. i have no one else to turn to but you. you are my creator and Savior. In you name i believe and trust my LORD.


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