Prayer from our debt burden

by Family (Malta)

Dear god all mighty,we put our debt sum of money in your hands.give us the opportunity to find ways and means to pay the you know we passed through rough time in our marriage and to add more fun we spend money on holidays.holidays helped us to bring our family together but now we are facing this crisis.

I know that you know made big miracles to our family as it is reunited once one seems to bother about us although they say they love us.i m referimg to my inlaws who are trying to do their best to plead them for money.i m not judging them but for me thir intention is whom else can we are the one who knows the truth about us so we are sure that our debts will soon be gone.

Give us the wisdom to overcome this and straighten to honour you with our work.we do not plead for money cash but with your strength and power we work for it and pay it as soon as possible.thanks for excepting my prayer and thank you before you answer our prayer.

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