Prayer from Fears and Healing

by Pamela (Alexandria, La)

God I come to you, asking for forgiveness of my sins. My heart is so burdened and I need you to help me.

I am in great fear of my life. I am suffering each and everyday from different ailments and don’t understand why this evil demon is attacking me daily Lord this is affecting my everyday life, crying, depressed, aches and pain, and fear of don’t know what’s happening to me.

Please Lord heal my body and soul. Take away the pain, and anxiety attacks. Please touch my heart which is heavy from fear, mucus that won;t go away, panic attacks, rheumatoid arthritis, chest fullnesss. Please let blessings, joy and love surround me. I need to know that everything will be alright. I need strength to comfort my fears and I welcome your healing power.

Please stay beside me day and night and set my mind at ease. Please restore me new life. I have faith that it is done. Thank you Lord. In Jesus Name, Amen