Prayer from a person drowning in Debts

by Desperate Mom (Philippines)

Dear Lord, I am where I am now because of my indiscriminate and poor judgement. I refused to listen to my inner self where you were telling me to stop, stop, stop. Instead, I proceeded while throwing caution to the wind.

I am here in misery because of my evil ways. Lord, You are bigger than anything and I am still hoping though last minute that my sustenance for the day will come so that there will be no bouncing checks for me today, tomorrow and on the days to come. Lord, please forgive me. I lift everything up to you. I ask for your mercy and forgiveness for my indiscriminate and bad ways, for my arrogance and braggart ways. Dear Lord, I computed my debts and there is absolutely no way I can meet these on my own – not without Your help. Dear Lord, I am worried that I will be in legal entanglements because of this so please rescue me. Rescue me from my sin and shortcomings, from my indulgence and addiction. Dear Lord, help me be whole again. Re-create me. Please don’t let my family be stressed because of what I had gotten myself into. I ask You dear Lord to save me and shower me with a big-time miracle. And shower me more with good judgement so that I may never sin again. Please provide me with a clean slate…help me Lord! Thank You so much.

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