Prayer from a broken heart daughter

by Heartbroken (Cape-Town)

Dear God

Forgive my sins in Jesus Name.

Father I need hope in all I do, for finding forgiveness inside myslf for living my life in all this pain. I’m broken, You know it all.

I love D so much but his probably inlove with sumone better, prettier and successful than me. I’m just me, so small in this big world, I don’t shine, I’m not atractive, I’m not successful at all.

But here I am, on bended knees, praying to You Father for a job, how small, it would be appreciated, praying for D to love me back, how little, it would put colour to my world.

I don’t have words of my own anymore Father, as I can’t explain the sore in my heart, but I know You know it all. I feel abandon , lost in this enormous world, I feel so lonely like if no one cares, like I’m walking this road all by myself.

Father if this is Your will for my life, makes me strong, to face the battles of loneliness and suffering, help me to acept the pain in my life and take away the tears please I’m begging You.

Sometimes it feels like I’m not Your daughter, forgive me please, but I feel so overlooked by You. Please forgive me

In Jesus Name

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