Prayer forgiveness and Prayer for Employment

by Tonya (United States)

I’m not perfect, I have made mistakes and I have done somethings that I’m ashamed of. I keep going the same path and I’m tired. I want to live a good life that God approves. I pray for change and my health. I pray for a new job. That I can walk into with a better attitude.

I want my daughter to go off to college and do the best she can. Most of all I want her to be proud of me and forgive me for the wrong things that I have done. I don’t want to be that person label as thief, I want to be hardworking and giving a second and a third chance. I’m ready to accept God in my life and live by his rules. Without God and my family I can’t make. Please pray for me.

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  1. Pray Support

    Dear Tonya, Francis & Nicia,

    While praying for what you want be persistent. God has forgiven us the moment we opened our hearts and confessed. Now with rigor and faith ask him to anoint us with the blessings that he has promised Jerusalem Israel. Without doubt and with full confidence we need to claim his blessings. He said that his people will be the head and not the tail, they will be leaders and not followers, lenders and not borrowers. So hold onto to this strongly and tell him what you want. His children dont have to settle for anything less and only the best.

    Read Isaiah 30:20. Isaiah 40:31.

    I will keep you’ll in my prayers. Let me know how is the situation progressing

  2. Regarding my prayer

    Thank you Francis and Nicia. I will also be praying for the both of you. I realize that I had to make in change and believe in God and myself. It’s a long rode for me but knowing that I have other people who is praying for me makes my rode easier to go down. Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement. God Bless you all.

  3. To Tonya..

    Dearest Tonya. Your prayer is so heartfelt & sincere. I’m moved by your words because I am in the same situation regarding needing a job. A job to sustain my soul in terms of doing an honourable days work and appreciating it.

    I will pray for you as soon as I post this. Can you do me the favour & pray for me too?

    Thank you Tonya…

  4. You took the right steps

    Dear my friend in Christ you took the right steps coming to the Lord and asking for his forgiveness and direction, I am too one who has made many mistakes and dissappointed our awesome loving graceful forgiving Lord God almighty. But guess what every human being has and will at some point but the Lord loves us sooo much that he focus on our hearts and our faith and our belief in him and he never leaves our side when we give our lives to him and ask for his guidance I must admit its a journey of some struggles but he will see you through and be there at every step. Just dont give up keep asking and he will direct your paths you will see how long he patiently waited for you to come so that he can give you all your desires and needs he has in his hands. Love you my friend in Christ and God bless you

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