Prayer for your thoughts

by adriana ()

My dear Lord, the question that lies upon my heart is: ” Where did my promise ring go along with my jewels? Don’t you see why I may ask this question? To me this was a token of our love and vowels I made that reminded me of a promise I once made with you. Don’t you understand what this represents to me? For it made me feel that I once was loved and regarded as someone well spoken of at one point. After all, you said it was a gift wrapped for a person of great meaning to you. Yes, my dear angel in disguise , you were the gem of my life once that I’m dying to mingle with again, but you dare hide your gifts from me and call it illegal for me to even speak of. Why do you cast that spell driven from your powerless maids? Are you using our symbol of love to trick those other unforsaken dames of your life? What good are they when I captured your deepest depth of your heart in my hands. Don’t you know that big gems come in small packages? My Lord, forgive me if I ask this of you, but I regret not feeling as part of an imaginary dream I once thought of. Why do you send me away like a spoiled child hungry for your attention? I felt like a queen in your country then and I miss it so much I’m driven to go to mine. My Lord, why do you decide to unravel your stick at my latest acquisition. Don’t you understand that even though I mentioned that particular object it didn’t really matter, as long as you are imprinted in my heart and yours in mine. All I can say is, it would of been nice to feel like the queen that everyone could of adored. Why must you make me plea for your love, like an denied child who was constantly being abused. My Lord, please consider to make my request one that tickles my fancy! Amen.

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