Prayer for Your healing touch.

by Art1010 (Los Angeles)

Dear Lord heavenly father. Thank you for a another day of life you have blessed me. Please help the less fortunate to have confert and peace. This is something new to me that I’m doing. I always prayed for other people, but today I would like to pray for me, Always felt that it is selfish of me to do that to pray for my self.

Please guide me to the right path and I will follow it with my dear life. I have lost touch with reality. So please Lord help me see what’s right and wrong, what’s reality and what’s not. And most important forgive me for my Sins.

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  1. Amen to that

    Thank u God for your goodness and generosity to me thank you for this awese day and for helping me in my everyday problems thank you Jesus I stand in your promise I serve the God Almighty who makes my paths straight amen ” Blessed be god Forever ” amen Thank u Jesus Christ

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